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Weekly Learning Review - Week Ending: 07.06.2018

Weekly Learning Review

Class:   FS2                          Week Ending: 07.06.2018
Communication and Language and Literacy
‘Anansi and the Turtle go for Dinner’ was our story for the week. We had so much fun sequencing the story and talking about what happened first, next and at the end! We looked at pictures of lots of things that could be found in the story and labelled the pictures with their initial sounds and some of us were able to use our phonics skills to write the whole word.  We took turns thinking of  the why, what, when and who questions that had to do with the story and we got our friends to answer them. This week was packed with loads of learning and we revisited the digraphs /ch/, /sh/, /th/, /ow/, /ou/ and /oi/ and /oy/ and we practised reading and writing words with these digraphs in them.
Physical Development
With continued guidance, we worked on improving our fine motor skills by colouring nicely within defined lines, as well as cutting straight and curved lines. We were very happy when we walked round the class on all fours as we pretended to walk slowly like a turtle and quickly like the spider. Also, just like the turtle, we practised washing our hands like Anansi the spider had asked the turtle to do just before he would be allowed to take food from the table to eat. 
Personal, Social and Emotional Development  
Empathy was this week’s focus. We thought about how others felt in different situations and we also came up with some ways in which we could help others when something bad or not nice happens to them. We were able to show empathy towards the turtle when he had to go home hungry after Anansi had treated him badly during dinner time. 
Understanding of the World  Around Us
Did you know that Anansi the spider comes from Africa?  Well he does! To be specific, he comes from West Africa. This week we looked at the life – cycle of a spider. We looked at a few different types of spiders such as - Daddy long legs and a Tarantula, and we also talked about some of the things they eat.
We continued with our focus on addition and subtraction (within 10) and telling the time (O’clock). 
Expressive Art and Design
This week ,we created our own spider and turtle with coloured paper and cardboard to represent the characters in our story. Some of us turned our projects into puppets; we had lots of fun using them to role play our characters in this week’s story. It was interesting talking slowly like a turtle would and walking like the spider.  
Miss Evaezi   -
Miss Hanadi -
This week the following children received the Star of the Week Certificate!
FS2A – Ahmed Hisham
FS2B –
FS2C –

                       STAR OF THE WEEK
The following children received the Star of the Week Certificate
FS2A – Chris Emad
FS2B – Oady Sherif
FS2C – Laila Ahmed

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