Friday, 1 June 2018

Weekly Learning Review - Week Ending: 31st of May 2018

Weekly Learning Review

Class:   FS2                                                     Week Ending: 31.05.2018
Communication and Language and Literacy
/ou/ and /ow/ was our phonics focus for the week. We looked for them in words in books; we listened carefully to stories told and shouted /ou/ and /ow/ when we heard a word that had the sound in it. With our understanding of sounds and blending, we had fun drawing pictures of things that had this week’s sound in them and we did our very best to label our pictures correctly. Our shared story this week was ‘Treasures in the Garden’ and we had fun using our imagination to talk about and describe all the treasure we would find in our own garden.
Physical Development
We continued developing our gross motor skills, we ran, we jumped and we climbed! In class, we were pirates and we had fun pretending to dig quickly for hidden treasure as well as dig slowly and carefully because we didn’t want to break any of the precious treasure hidden in the ground. We used our fingers to tear paper for our ‘OW for Owl newspaper project’. We also worked on our hand grip and coordination as we had to tear strips of our newspaper, just the right length and width!
Personal, Social and Emotional Development  
This week we focused on being resilient. We used the word to describe how we should behave when things get a little tricky for us. We talked about different situations when resilience should come into play. 
Understanding of the World  Around Us
This week we continued with our learning about maps and we focused on how they help us find places. We talked about pirate maps and how pirates of old would use maps to find hidden treasures. We will soon be making maps of our own!
We continued with our focus on addition, subtraction and telling the time (O’clock).  
Expressive Art and Design
In groups, we created our very own stories and acted them out for our friends to see. Some of our stories had treasures and pirates in them and some of them didn’t. Nonetheless, it was fun acting in front of our friends. We also very excited to use newspaper to create the feathers on our owl for our ‘Owl for Ow’ project.
Miss Evaezi   -
Miss Hanadi -

The following children received the Star of the Week Certificate:
FS2A – Chris Emad
FS2B – Oady Sherif
FS2C – Laila Ahmed

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