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Weekly Learning Review -Week Ending: 17th of May

Class:   FS2         Week Ending: 17.5.2018
Communication and Language and Literacy
This week, we focused on the digraphs /or/ and /ar/  and we learnt lots of words that  have sounds like car, far, bar, star and for, more, storm, torn, born, corn and sports. We also practised our blending skills using familiar sounds. We focused on forming sentences by undertaking filling in the missing word in the sentences activity. High frequency words for this week – ( they,this,why)
“The Ugly Duckling” was the story of the week.  We asked the children to focus on any changes that were in the story.
We focused on reading a higher level library book to encourage reading and to improve  reading and blending skills.

Physical Development
This week, we focused on cutting within the lines; writing on a line; leaving finger spaces between the words; holding paint brushes; using paint and painting within the lines carefully without taking lots of paint on the brush and trying not to go out of the lines while painting.
Personal, Social and Emotional Development  
We focused on the word “Empathy” and what it means. We gave examples to the children like ‘If someone falls down, will you laugh at her/ him?’; ‘What will you do in this situation?’. You should help her/ him out and not laugh at her/ him.
Understanding of the World  Around Us
We learned about the life cycle of a duck; the name of each stage and how it grows.
We focused on word problems; identifying “all together” in a paragraph thus meaning that they are adding and finding “How many left?thus meaning that they will need to take away.

Expressive Art and Design
 The children enjoyed making Ramadan Lanterns and crafts.
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