Friday, 27 April 2018

Weekly Learning Review - Week Ending:26 April 2018

Weekly Learning Review

Class:   FS2                    Week Ending: 26.04.2018
Communication and Language and Literacy
This week, we looked at digraphs -ai and ay-. Our sight words for this week were – for, went, play. This week’s story was called Pinocchio and the children had fun sorting out the story in the correct order.   
Physical Development
This week, we worked on our cutting skills; we cut on straight and curved lines and we had fun cutting out pictures and sticking them in the correct order.
Personal, Social and Emotional Development & 
We continued with the theme ‘Respect’. The children understood that we should not only show respect to people but also to animals and the environment around us.
Understanding of the World  Around Us
This week, we compared toys past with toys present. We had fun looking for similarities and differences in these two groups of toys. We saw that in the past we didn’t have remote control cars but now we do.
This week, we introduced subtraction; we looked at subtraction vocabulary, namely – subtraction, take away and less, and next week we will continue working on the skill of taking away as well as recognizing the vocabulary associated with it. We also practised writing our numbers 1- 50.
Expressive Art and Design
This week, we had fun singing and as well as role playing characters in the story we read.
Miss Evaezi   -
Miss Hanadi -
                       STAR OF THE WEEK
The following children received the Star of the Week Certificate
FS2a – Youssuf Ahmed
FS2B – Khadija Yasser
FS2C – Ziad Moataz

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