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Weekly Learning Review Week Ending: 15th February 2018

Weekly Learning Review
Class:   FS2                                                     Week Ending: 15.2.2018
Communication and Language and Literacy
This week, we learned the en’ word family. We learned the words (men, ten, hen, penetc). The children drew pictures of each word in their copybooks. We also consolidated our learning of the key words such as ‘as’, ‘at’, ‘all’, ‘said’. Please look out for these words as you read stories to your children. This week was ‘Book Week and every day we read a different story and we learnt a moral from it.
Physical Development
 The children have focussed on cutting using scissors accurately by holding the scissors securely and cutting straight on; wearing and zipping their jackets independently; taking care of their hygiene.
Personal, Social and Emotional Development
As we learned about being brave and finding courage, we read Finding Nemo. The children noticed who is  brave in the story and discussed why.
 We also learned how to be brave and courageous with anything they do such as taking part in sports; trying new activities or getting to know new people without saying ( I don’t know or I can’t do this ). Instead, they will say ( I will try and keep trying ).
We focused on the missing numbers from 1 to 30 and we learned about 3D shapes such as cube, cuboid, cylinder, pyramid, cone and sphere. They found similar objects in real life to the 3D shapes and they learned how many sides to each shape and identified 2D shapes  found in 3D shapes.
Understanding of the World  Around Us
We learned about the life cycle of trees and plants and we learned the words (seeds- roots- stem- leaves- flower and fruits ). They planted their own bean plant individually.
Expressive Art and Design
This week, we enjoyed making the Valentine’s Day cards using paint- sponge painting; painting with brushes; finger painting and collage. They also wrote a love note to their beloved parents independently.

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Next week is mid-term holiday.
We will be back on the 25th February.

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