Friday, 2 February 2018

Week 3 and 4 - Dandy Ducklings

Week 3
Decorating their balloons to hang on the new class display.

Cutting out shapes to create their favorite gruffalo's character

The Gruffalo's child role play using the masks of the characters.

As we talked about the forest so they coloured a hedge hog.

cutting and matching some animals with what they normally eat

My star of the week is Aly, keep the great effort Aly, so proud of you.

Week 4
Practicing their keywords.

 Playing Addition game with counting shapes.

As we were talking about the world's continents and Egypt is in Africa so they Coloured the Egyptian flag

Doing some fun activities in their circle time.

Playing the addition game by adding plus and equals in their right places and solving the problem all together.

Painting a big Egyptian flag as a class project.

My star of this week is Khadija, for being more independent in her classwork and she is trying to do her best in class. 
Thank you Khadija keep the good spirit.

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