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Weekly Learning Review : 18th of January 2018

Weekly Learning Review
Class:   FS2                                                     Week Ending: 16.11.2017
Communication and Language and Literacy
This week, we focused on the sounds /o/ and /u/. We also practiced our blending skills using familiar sounds. We had fun creating and blending words in the /ap/ family; words such as nap, cap, tap, sap etc
High frequency words for this week – am and an
Our story this week was the Gruffalo! The children had fun describing and pretending to be different characters in the story. They also worked on sequencing the story in the correct order. 

Physical Development
This week, we worked on both our gross and fine motor skills. We enjoyed dancing and moving our bodies the same way the animals in the story moved. We stomped our feet like the Gruffalo and we flapped our wings like an owl!  We worked on our eye and hand coordination and we created beautiful trees and animals by cutting, sticking and colouring. We will use them to create our own miniature forest J
Personal, Social and Emotional Development  
This week, we looked at what it means to be a good friend.
Understanding of the World  Around Us
We looked at what a forest is. We also looked at the various elements that can be found in one. Such as trees, stones, lakes, rocks and animals. We even compared a forest to a desert. We also know the names of some animals that can be found in the forest!
This week, we looked at the numbers one more and one less than a given number. We also practiced reciting the numbers 1-30. Lastly, we worked on adding two single digit numbers below 10. We used lots of objects to help us understand adding two groups together to find the total. 
Expressive Art and Design
Flowchart: Alternate Process: Up Coming Events 
 No school on the 25th 
January 2018 (Revolution Day)
We had fun acting out different scenes in this week’s story; we also danced and sang along when listening to the Gruffalo song.
Miss Evaezi   - eobaseki@ise.edu.eg
Miss Hanadi - hashraf@ise.edu.eg
                       STAR OF THE WEEK
The following children received the Star of the Week Certificate
FS2A Yusuf Wael (for making a noticeable effort to complete work neatly within given time) 
FS2BFares (for better participation during class discussions)
FS2C - Yassin Mohammed  (for working hard with Miss Heidi in mathematics and writing)

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