Friday, 19 January 2018

Term 2 - first two weeks

Their first day in term two, they went through the letters and sounds they took so far with writing some words start with the sounds.

Fill the missing number game.

They decorated their chosen shoes. ( about the elves and the shoemaker story )

Organising numbers game from 1 to 30

Making a Birthday card for Mr. John 
( these are balloons :)) )

Practice writing the keywords of the week 

As our story for this week is ( the gruffalo's child ) the kids chose their favorite character, coloured it and saw their shadows like the mouse did in the story.

The introduction to addition went so well, as they worked and tried to solve these sums on the board.

The dice game ( they enjoyed working together taking turns in a quiet voice helping each other rolling the dice and counting the dots they find and write the number down on their mini boards,)

 The Forest project ( each table made their own forest - trees and rocks  )

our star this week is Fares for his hard work, trying his best, interacting more now and finishing his class work :) , thank you Fares keep this up

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