Saturday, 9 December 2017

Dandy Ducklings- week 11

Playing sounds and words start with certain sounds in the garden.

They are making their huge christmas tree

The children coloured a kite with lovely colours and stick cotton on the cloud
( for the /c/ and /k/ sound )

Then they enjoyed working on revising their 2D shapes by sticking some shapes as decorations on a christmas tree

My star of Week 10 is Taline <3
Great job Taline Keep up the good work please :)

My stars of week 11 are :
Celina is the duckling of the week, congratulations sweetheart you really showed great improvement  and you are always doing your best.
Eva for being helpful with everybody around you even with me. Thank you for being sensible.
Ibrahim for finishing his HW so good, neat and completed. :)
Maya is the one who is trying to tidy up her table so fast and make everything clean and tidy, Thank you Maya for being sensible.

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