Friday, 22 December 2017

Dandy Ducklings- the last 2 weeks of term 1

The kids had so much fun in painting their canvas

Some FUN TIME in the Garden

Their Art result

 The kids printed their foot to create a Christmas card to be surprise their parents

 And then they enjoyed decorating the Christmas tree <3

 Having some fun 

 They are writing a message to their beloved parents on the Christmas card.

They are making their card :)

They put the star on the tree 

It's the dish party time 
( I want to thank each parent who helped me making that day special )

They are decorating the Christmas tree craft.

And at the end of that lovely day each kid choose their gift from under the tree and they were happy with their card and craft to show them to their parents.

Group eating Popcorn :)))

Malika is my star of the week 
Keep the good behaviour sweetie

Thank you all for everything and I wish you a very happy New Year and a lovely Holiday.

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