Friday, 10 November 2017

Weekly Learning Review

Weekly Learning Review

Class:   FS2                     Week Ending: 9.11.2017
Communication and Language and Literacy
This week, we looked at the letter sounds “d” and “m” and we also practised forming the letter shapes for these sounds.  We identified some words that start with “d” and “m”. The children continue to attempt writing and blending the sounds they have learnt so far. Our story for this week was Head to Toe by Eric Carle, and the children had a wonderful time using the story to practise counting, acting and sequencing events in the correct order.  The children also talked about their favourite animal in the story and had fun drawing and colouring it.  
High frequency words for this week – no, so , go
High frequency words taught so far – at, as, an, it, is, in, if, on, am, my, me, he, we, so, no, go

Physical Development
 We continued focusing on gross and fine motor skills. We worked on proper finger grip; the children are being encouraged to work on holding their crayons or pencils accurately when tracing or writing, as well as to colour within the lines during their colouring/ tracing activities. 

Personal, Social and Emotional Development &  Understanding of the World  Around Us
We continued to talk about how to control our feelings and work nicely as a team. However, our focus this week was staying healthy. We discussed different healthy habits such as washing our hands after we use the toilet and before we eat.  We also talked about eating healthy food and exercising. 
This week, we had fun exploring, creating and identifying patterns with shapes, colours and size. We continued practising how to count from 0- 20, as well as counting out objects ranging from 1- 10.  We practised the formation of numbers 1-10 and some of us even wrote numbers to 20. We also looked at ordinal numbers – 1st – 10th.

Expressive Art and Design
We had fun using our fingers to write “m” and “d” with paint. We also had fun pretending we were in a jungle and we role played some of the animals in our story for the week. We even created our own monster with paint and straw to represent the letter sound “m”.

Miss Evaezi
Miss Heidi
Miss Hanadi

                       STAR OF THE WEEK
The following children received the Star of the Week Certificate
FS2A – Zein
FS2B - Marwan
FS2C-  Laila

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